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Tokyodo Int. Dogi

 We are proud to have at kuroobiya one of Japan's leading Martial arts goods manufacturers, Tokyodo International (formerly Tokyo Shureido International).

This company has established itself a reputation for extremely high quality products as well as excellent service and reasonable prices, here in Japan. It has become on of the fastest growing karate goods retailers  and their dogi and belts can be seen worn by students and teachers in almost every dojo in Japan. 


October, 2022

NOTICE : It has come to our attention that Tokyodo International label changed their label designs which no longer say "Made in Japan".  The reason for this design change is that they also sell non-Japanese dogi in their range (not sold on Kuroobiya) alongside their domestically made dogi. The removal was to avoid mislabelling, and the fact that their dogi are aimed at the domestic Japanese market.

We have been working closely with Tokyodo International and their made in Japan dogi sold by us will from now have a tag saying "Made in Japan".   Belts will get a sticker (as a tag would not fit, and the labels for dogi and belts are the same).

Please rest assured that there is absolutely no change in the manufacture or quality of their goods. They are all still made one by one with pride and dedication by their staff in their factory in Japan.