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Ok, I've read the "choosing a dogi" guide but I'm still not sure about what size to get. What should I do?


Contact us and give us as much information about yourself. If you are not sure about your height or weight in the metric system, please click here for a converter.

You don't have my size (I'm a big lad/lass). What can I do?

 We currently list larger sizes than standard on our order forms but If you are beyond these then Contact us.

I want to mix sizes, can I do that?

Just go to the separate dogi tops and bottoms section (menu on the left side of the screen) and choose the manufacturer and then the dogi you want for each part. If the dogi you want is not there let us know.


I only need a new pair of pants. Can you do that for me.

Sure. Just follow the instructions for the question above.


Does the embroidery go through the belt on the black belts?

NO. All the embroidery is done professionally by the manufacturer of the belt(not us). The belts are closed after they are embroidered. This is the Japanese way.

(please note though on colour belts the embroidery goes through the belt as the belts have already been made and are closed.)



I don't see the kanji embroidery I want on the belt, but I know it. What should I do?

You can contact us and give it to us and we will put it up. If your computer can do Japanese, you can put it in directly, or you can copy and paste it form your association website if it is text. 


I wanted "shotokan karate do" in Kanji on side A and "JKA" on side B of a belt but when I typed in the A embroidery the belt was really expensive? What's going on?

Yes, the website calculates the cost of embroidery based on the number of characters that are entered. If you type in "Shotokan karate do" in English, that is 16 characters compared to just 6 Kanji, so you will be overcharged by 10 characters. 


So how do I get "Shotokan Karate do" on side A and "JKA" on side B for the correct price?


1. Go to B embroidery first and select kanji as the language and then  "Shotokan karate do" (or whatever you want) form the style/association list. The kanji will pop up automatically in the embroidery box.

2. Copy and paste from the B embroidery box to the A embroidery box (selecting katakana as the language).

3. Change the B embroidery box to Japan Karate Association (Or whatever you want).

4. Proceed with your order with a smile.



I want to buy a 14 Oz Tokaido Arashi but I don't see it on your site. Why?

The reason why you do not see 14oz Tokaido or 12 oz Tokaido or Tokaido Arashi or any other Tokaido not listed, is that they are NOT MADE BY TOKAIDO IN JAPAN. Tokaido  have a business associations with a Chinese company which makes some of these cheaper and we believe inferior dogi. Genuine Tokaido are manufactured in Nagoya, Japan. All our dogi are ordered directly from the manufacturer and sent from either the head office or factory with no other middleman involved. 

Don't you have a stock to send a bunch of dogi quicker?

Sorry, as we are a personalised service we do not keep a stock of dogi or belts, but order your products directly from the manufacturer (Not a supplier) on an individual basis. This keeps our overheads low and allows us to truly provide an individualised service. On top of that,  we are still very fast!


How much will it cost to ship my stuff?

To get the cost of shipping, please put the products you want, into your basket and click the "estimate shipping" button at the bottom of the cart for the exact cost to your country. It is very simple and fast. Please use this rather than sending us a mail to ask how much it will cost.  Embroidery does not change the cost of shipping. 


How can I get a discount?

We are not allowed by the manufacturers to discount products as they feel it will devalue their products. 
We are not allowed to undercut the manufacturer's prices on any of our products.


We do however offer a VIP account to loyal customers who have purchased over a certain amount from us. Their account will automatically be updated to give them a small discount on every order.

Note: WE DO NOT OFFER ANY DISCOUNTS FOR TESTIMONIALS because we do not  buy positive testimonials from customers. We want all our customers to write their true feelings about the service they received. We do of course welcome all your comments and do appreciate all the testimonials we receive.

Do you offer bulk / group / instructor discounts?

Yes,  but we are only authorized by the manufacturers to do so on orders of 10 or more of the same product in one purchase. Please contact us if you are interested in this.