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Conditions of Use


Our prices are based on the prices of the manufacturers, minus the Japanese consumption tax (or any tax or duties). They are the lowest prices permitted by the manufacturers. This means they are the cheapest prices you can possibly get as an individual customer. i.e the best prices available.

If you find cheaper, let us know!

However, please note that because our prices our based on the manufacturers' Japanese prices, foreign currency prices are subject to change depending on the currency exchange rates. Our exchange rates are tied to that of our transaction processor PayPal.


We would also like to introduce the option to Pay in Japanese Yen. 

Unlike prices in other currencies, these prices will remain stable, but please be aware that your credit card company will charge for foreign exchange.  This option may or may not work out cheaper for customers depending on credit card company and exchange rates used at the time of processing. If they offer better rates than our current rates, it will be cheaper for you.



We now offer two Payment options. PayPal and Square.

You may pay by credit card or debit card directly on the website (securely via Square) and we also accept PayPal payments. Unfortunately we cannot accept bank checks. Your payments will be secure and guaranteed by PayPal or Square, depending on payment method chosen. No credit card information will be kept on our servers.

Orders will only be processed after payment.

Payments by PayPal

When making a payment by Paypal, you will be charged in the currency that you select. You can either pay by credit / debit cards or by PayPal if you have an account.

(please see refund policy below).


Payments by Square (credit card option)

 When selecting payments by Square (credit cards), prices that you see on our website in currencies other than Japanese Yen, will be the price based on our website's conversion rate. You will actually be charged in Japanese Yen on your credit card and your credit card company will calculate the conversion rate. This will most likely be different (possibly  better ) than the rate on our website which is based on PayPal's rates. Your order details will not reflect this and will display the price shown at the time of order in the currency you chose, and will likely not match your credit card statement. Please be aware of this at time of purchase. Therefore, to avoid confusion when looking at your bank statement, we recommend that you select Japanese Yen as the currency at time of purchase.



The aim of this site is to provide a personalized service and we are not authorized by the manufacturers to discount goods unless purchased in bulk of 10 or more of the same product. However, we may be able to facilitate wholesale shipments and contracts. Please contact us for further information. If you are planning to buy several dogi for yourself then please be aware of importation taxes which may be incurred.

If you are a club instructor ordering for several people, please see below. 



We can ship to almost anywhere in the world depending on the availability of shipping. The currencies we currently accept however are GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD,NZD and JPY.

We cannot however, ship domesitically within Japan as we are an export only business.


Shipping is available to all regions (and most countries in the world). Shipping is based on product weight and / or dimensions for DHL.

Please see the  Shipping info section for conditions. You can use the shipping estimator at the bottom of the cart to calculate your shipping while you order. If your country is on the list but shipping is not available, then unfortunately we cannot ship to your country at this time.

We cannot be held responsible for shipping as it is not in our control.

We will do everything in our power to assist in the case of delayed delivery or in the extremely rare cases of missing, lost, damaged or returned packages and making any claims for lost items, when insurance or compensation is available. We cannot however directly replace items, refund or reship, unless the claimed compensation covers the full cost of the goods or shipping and you decide to use those funds for this purpose.

Please note that DHL prices are variable and quoted at time of purchase, not time of shipping. In Emergency situations, DHL may increase the shipping costs or fuel surcharges  at the time of shipping and we will need to contact you about the difference and ask you to pay this. This is in addtion to the extra charge for bulky items, mentioned in the Shipping info.



As we are an export only business and ship all around the world, all our prices are tax and duty free.

By law, YOU will be fully responsible for payment of any duties or taxes upon importation into your country. By International law, we must state the contents and value of your goods on the customs form. If you are charged, or how much you are charged is  based on each country's policy.

As of January 1, 2021 all imports into the UK will be due VAT upon importation (and possible duties though made in Japan goods should be exempt from duties.)

As of July 1, 2021 all imports into the EU from outside the EU will be due VAT upon importation (and possible duties, though made in Japan goods should be exempt from duties).

For other countries which have a tax threshold, please check with your local customs office about the amount you can import before incurring VAT or duties and at what rate.

Please note that usually the local delivery agent will pay the customs charges on your behalf and reclaim it from you. They will charge you extra for this service on top of the amount you are due to your country's customs service.

For customers who may be affected by duties, please do not purchase if you are not prepared to pay local taxes on your goods

If goods are returned because you refused to pay tax, we reserve the right to refuse to refund you and in the case of DHL will ask you to pay the return shipping fee which they will charge to us.

Customs checks in some countries can cause delays in delivery time. We, Japan Post and DHL have no control over this.  

We cannot display items as gifts.



Please see the relevant section on the Translations and embroidery  page.

Please note that while we will make every effort to make the translations as accurate as possible, Japanese is based on only a limited number of phonetic sounds, therefore it may not be possible to get an exact match.

Please also note that a charge will be incurred for personalized kanji translations and that the professional translator refuses to translate any kanji which they feel degrades the spirit of budo or may be perceived as insulting to others.



We can offer discounts for bulk orders (10 or more of the same item). If you have a large order (10 or more) then please feel free to contact us




If you wish to cancel your order please let us know immediately (within 48 hours). We can give you a Square or PayPal refund depending on the payment you made.

(see below).

Or we can offer you a 100% store credit to use on another order. The store credit will be in JPY and will keep its value no matter what the exchange rate is the next time, so you will always get the same value as you paid, when you decide to purchase again.

Refunds by PayPal

As of March 2019, PayPal have updated their policy and will keep a transaction fee amount  of 3.9% + 40 JPY.  As of September 2023, PayPal will automatically convert all foreign currencies received into our acount to Japanese Yen.

In order to refund you, we will need to reconvert Japanese yen to the currency you used, at a non favourable rate.

We will refund you the full amount due minus the fees which are kept by PayPal, at the conversion rate used when we refund your payment. This may mean that you will receive signifcantly less than you paid, and therefore recommend using Japanese Yen for your payment and allowing your credit card or bank to do the conversion.

We will not charge or keep anything ourselves. We are happy to provide evidence of all fees charged and conversion rates on request.


Refunds by Square (direct credit card option)

We will refund you the full amount  you paid,  as Square refunds the transaction fees to us. Please note however that the refund will be in Japanese Yen (see above, Payments by Square ) and that the amount that is refunded to you in your own currency, will depend on your credit card company's exchange rate at the time of the refund.  We have no control over this.


Cancellation after 48 hours

If the order has already been sent to the manufacturer, then cancellation may not be possible. They are not so generous with cancellations but please contact us and we will do our best to help. After a period of several day, it will be impossible to cancel as they will likely have started your order.

Mistakes and Changes

If you have made a mistake on your order and wish to change it, please contact us within 48 hours. Changes which involve a change in price will be handled by either issuing a partial refund or by sending you an invoice for the difference.  Please note that changes after 48 hours will likley be impossible and rejected by the manufacturers.


Return of Unaltered Dogi and Belts (and other goods)

If you order the wrong size you may return the product within two weeks of receipt and receive the correct size, however you will be responsible for any difference in price, plus the return shipment to Japan, shipping back and forth from us to the manufacturer, and re-shipment back to you. 


Refunds can only be given if there is actually something wrong with the manufacturing of the product or an error has been made on our part. 

This is a condition imposed on us by the Japanese manufacturers. We will ask you to pay the initial shipping charges back to Japan which we will then reimburse to you, after we receive the goods.

Refunds will not be given for mistaken size or type purchases, regret buying or other reasons due to the customers circumstances.


  • Don't forget to account for shrinkage

all manufacturers are very strict about this.


Personalized Dogi & Belts 

Please note that personalized (or tailored / order made) dogi and belts are made for you so it is not possible to cancel or accept them back if you change your mind once they have been ordered for you. 

(It will be impossible for the manufacturer to resell them so they will not give a refund unless they make a mistake). 

Returns or Refunds will only be accepted if there is actually something wrong with the manufacturing of the product or an error has been made on our part. The shipping fee however cannot be refunded once the goods have bee delivered. 

  • You are responsible for making your own correct measurements and choosing correct sizes. 
  • If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us before you order and we will give you advice and guidance, but the final decision is yours.


Defects or Mistakes

It is very rare for the goods to have defects as they undergo inspection by both the manufacturers and us, but in the rare case there is a defect, please contact us within a month of receipt, otherwise it will not be possible for us to make a claim on your behalf.

A defect is considered to be an issue which causes an effect on the functionality of the goods or is clearly a quality issue or error in the manufacture of the goods.

Please note that the manufacturers do not consider the following as defects:

  • Stitching that is not perfectly straight

(all dogi and belts are hand stitched by humans who are not always perfect).

  • Over (double) stitching

(this occurs on belts and dogi where the thread runs out during stitching and is started a new. The manufacturers make every effort to make this as smooth and as un-noticable as possible but occasionally it may be detectable.)

  • Stitches that are not all perfectly the same length

(this can occur especially on heavyweight dogi or belts due to the thickness of the material).

  • Noticable stitching ends

(this occurs from time to time when the end of the thread is a little longer and looks like it is sticking out a bit).

  • Difference in material feel or color ( tint) from a previous order

(dogi and belt materials are made in lots and there will be differences between lots. It is impossible to match lots perfectly).

We beg for your understanding in these matters.

Of course we inspect all goods prior to shipping out to you and will fail and return anything we feel is below the expected quality. However, the final responsiblity for the goods is with the manufacturers.



While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information on our website, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes, though we will do our best to rectify them as soon as we are made aware of them.

Rather than list several pages of legal disclaimers of responsibility like other sites, we will take full responsibility for our actions and the products we supply. The manufacturers in turn take responsibility for their products.

We are providing this service in the spirit of martial arts, and hope that our martial artist customers feel the same way and act in the same spirit.

As we feel our customers are all good people, we will trust them, as they trust us to provide the best quality products and service.

If you are not basically a good person, please do not use this website! You have a lot of alternative choices.

Simple as that!

Use of this website is subject to use in good faith and acceptance of the above conditions

(* acts of abuse or fraud will be reported to relevant authorities and we are obliged to assist in any pending investigations including the release of personal information and IP addresses. Please see our privacy policy.)

Our aim is for you to have the perfect Dogi or Obi and be 100% satisfied.