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About Us

About Us

Kuroobiya (black belt store) 

Is an online only store, based in Nagasaki, Japan.

The idea for the business was originally born when Hamid first moved to Japan and realized how much cheaper karate goods were in Japan compared to the prices he had been paying in the UK. With regular requests from his sensei and dojo mates back in the UK, as well as friends and then friends of friends in Europe, taking orders became complicated and with the encouragement of his sensei to set up a business, kuroobiya came to being.

Kuroobiya's aim therefore became to be a business supplying fellow karateka around the world, with the best karate goods in the world, at the best prices in the world, with the best service in the world. An ambitious goal, but as they say, "if your gonna do it, do it right".

We first started our online webstore in November, 2007  with the help of a very talented programmer and friend, Justin Hunt, who spent months and months designing our website and intergrating functions which had never existed  before (and some which still cannot be replicated today).

Once the business was up and running, the reigns were handed over to Yumiko who is the current owner of the business.

Yumiko Abassalty

"I'm from Japan and married to Hamid. I'm a qualified Japanese language teacher. My jobs will be to deal with the companies on your behalf, supervise the checking of all embroideries; checking of orders; supervise the packing and shipping of your orders and to keep the boys and girls in line. I am the boss and legal owner of Kuroobiya."


Hamid Abassalty
I'm originally from the UK. I am married (to Yumiko) and we have a daughter. I have been practising karate since 1985. I started karate with Kevin Hickey Sensei under Enoeda Keinosuke Sensei (JKA) and the KUGB, and was graded by him to 1st dan in 1989. I then trained with Gordon Farquhar Sensei at the Aberdeen Bushido Karate Club under Asano Shiro Hanshi (SKIF). I was graded by him to 2nd dan.

I then followed my childhood dream to come to Japan in 1997 and have been here ever since. I graded 3rd Dan in 1998 and 4th Dan in 2006 (SKIF) under Kanazawa Hirokazu Kancho in Japan. I then had to retake all dans under the JKF as they are the only offically recognised grades in Japan, and I am currently graded 5th Dan JKF.

I actively competed in both kata and kumite (SKIF / WUKO / WKF rules) from 1992 -2001 at regional, national and international level. (I still occasionally compete in Japan.)

I currently teach English and karate six days a week in Japan and my students compete at prefectural, regional and national level (JKF). I also referee (Kotairen -JKF) at prefectural and Kyushu region competitions.

Having dealt with these manufacturers for many years now, and being in contact with them on a regular basis, (not to mention being a consumer) I have an in depth knowledge of their products. My job will be to deal with all your inquiries and special requests, give you advice and oil the cogs at kuroobiya.


Part time staff

wish to remain anonymous.