Privacy Notice

Kuroobiya's Privacy Policy

We will keep all your information private and will not pass them on to third parties for any purpose (other than for creation of shipping labels- see below). Your personal data (Name, Address, email address, and order History) will be saved securely by kuroobiya on our server. You will have full access to all your data and have the right to have it removed at anytime. In very rare circumstances, we may need to give the manufacturer your address to send certain products directly to you but only after confirming with you. We will ask them to delete their record of your shipping details. We will only use your information for processing of orders and to occasionally send you newsletters, but only if you request it by sigining up for our newsletter.

When you make a purchase on Kuroobiya, your shipping details will be securely registered on the Japan Post website by our server to create your shipping label. Their privacy policy states that they will not use your details for any purpose other than printing the labels for shipping. Once your parcel has shipped, your data will be erased from their website by us. Credit card details will NOT be kept on our servers and all payment will be handled securely by Paypal. We will have no access to your credit card numbers or account details.

We will keep all your records and communications private, unless officially requested by you the customer, law enforcement officials, fraud investigators or paypal arbitrators in the case of a dispute. In such cases we will inform you of the official request unless requested not to in criminal cases.