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Tokyodo Int. Special "Yohachi" Cotton Belt

As an owner of a shuriedo silk obi (which is worn out) i wanted to find an obi which was thick, in cotton and made of exceptional quality with embroidery to match too, after many hours considering tokaido, shuriedo, i decided upon a Tokyodo International " Yohachi" cotton belt with grey silver embroidery. The obi arrived to my door in just under three weeks and when i opened it i was pretty pleased that i had made the right decision, the stiching is second to none and done in very very neat rows, the belt itself was stiff but ater a few wears it starts getting softer but not losing its shape, which to me is a good sign of a quality belt, to top it all off the grey silver embroidery of Wado ryu really stood out on the obi as most people usually have red yellow or orange kanji on their belt, all in all i was very pleased with it.

DUNCAN M JACKSON, 09/14/2009
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