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How Long it takes

How Long it takes

At kuroobiya, our purpose is to provide personalised dogi and belts, which have been professionally adjusted and embroidered buy the manufacturers themselves, for the best possible finish. To this end, we generally do not keep a stock of products.

We do not wait for a large group of orders. Your order will be processed soon after receipt of payment.

(Note: we usually allow a 2 day  "cool off" period in case of changes. Once orders go to the manufacturer it will likely be impossible to change). 

We will try to keep you informed as best we can as to the progress of your order. Inquiries are welcome though the amount of information we can give is limited. You can also check the status of your order by logging on to your Kuroobiya account.



Dogi take about 1 to 2 weeks for us to receive depending on whether embroidery or adjustments have been requested. 

Most belts are usually received by us within 3 to 4 weeks (sometimes faster if no embroidery and in Hirota's stock). Silk belts usually take 4 to 6 weeks but can take longer depending on their stock of silk material for the outer. These belts are all made to order.

Special order-made dogi (e.g. Pinack, #163, Takumi, Tsubasa, Kuu customised MH series) take at least 4 weeks because of their popularity. During peak seasons (see below) this can increase up to 16 weeks!

EDIT: (March 7,2020) 

Please note that due to their immense popularity, as of March 2019 Hirota are  inundated with orders and despite working at full capacity, are struggling to meet demand.  Currently, we are seeing around 4-6 weeks for embroidered belts, 11-12 weeks for fully tailored dogi and up to a couple of weeks for standard, ready made dogi which have adjustments or embrodiery done.

Unfortunately we have no control over this and beg for your understanding and patience in this matter.


Tokyodo International

Tokyodo Int. dogi orders take about 2 weeks for us to receive if embroidered or adjusted. Special dogi like the AT series,EX series, SP-1000 and Hero series generally take 4 weeks as they do not keep sotck of these dogi and make them to order.  Fully tailored dogi take 6 to 8 weeks depending on season. 

Belts generally take them 2 to 3 weeks to prepare, longer during peak season.


Tokaido takes 1 to 2 weeks to process dogi, 4-8 weeks for special order ones and some dogi like the SSA, HRU, NST, and KMJ. 

They generally take 2 -4 weeks for belts. Silk belts take at least 4 weeks for them to make. The times can increase considerably during peak seasons.


ALL the manufacturers are prone to "seasonal" changes in service. In non busy periods in Japan, you can expect faster processing, however in peak seasons ( usually Mid April to End of July and at the end of year) delays can be expected due to the sheer volume of orders and stock issues. This can add 1-2 weeks to belt orders and up to 4 weeks for fully tailored products. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no control over this so please be pateint.

From there:

Add the *2-5 days by EMS, or *7-21 days by e-packet and e-packet light it will take to get from us to you. Please note some countries, especially in south America, Africa or the middle east can take over a month, even for EMS.