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Tokyodo Int. SAMURAI (Master Gi)

Received my Gi in approximately 2 weeks after I placed the order. Service provided by Hamid was excellent. First impression about the Gi was that it is very light, compared to my other medium weight Gi. Maybe even too light for my liking, but now I am used to it and it feels just right. Quality of the Gi is exceptional, beautiful colour and perfect stitching. My bet on this Gi was due the hope to have something lighter and cooler for summer and fast drying for everyday use, and also I wanted to get away with less ironing. I am not disappointed - even though I sweat a lot during training, my Gi stays almost dry and movements are not restricted by wet Gi sticking to my legs which is usually the case with other my Gi's; this Gi dries in couple hours in the humid England climate; ironing is really easy. Great product. Great service!

Solvita Rovite, 11/09/2010
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