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Tokyodo Int. AT-2 Medium Weight Dogi For Kata

The Tokyodo AT-2 is my first Tokyodo brand dogi but it’s definitely not my last. I own both the Shureido NW-3 and the Hirota Pinack for Kata dogi and have been training in them for quite sometime but the Tokyodo AT-2 has become my personal favorite of the three.

The AT-2 is made with a similar poly-cotton material as the NW-3 and Pinack but it doesn’t feel as super stiff (it still IS pretty stiff) and it feels lighter in weight than both. The feel of the dogi while wearing it is very smooth and during hard training it does a good job keeping me cool, all thanks to the material. The stitching is very tight, evenly spaced and the color is the Japanese classic “snow white” that has a blueish tint to it making the AT-2 a beautiful dogi to look at.

During training it feels light but still a bit stiff on the body. The snap that the dogi produces when executing techniques is very loud. The stiffness of the dogi aids in keeping the dogi itself away for the skin and that makes it easier for air to move around, helping to keep the skin cool. The material does a good job absorbing sweat when it does make contact to the body, helping to keep my skin dry. The dogi itself dries pretty quick, just a few hours out of the wash (2-2 ½ hour here in the Bay Area California) and my dogi is ready to be ironed. Please note that this dogi will need to be ironed because it does wrinkle a bit in the wash. Ironing it is easy and it can be made easier by stretching out whatever wrinkles are found once the dogi is taken out of the wash.

Overall the Tokyodo AT-2 is a wonderful dogi. It has become my favorite dogi and I highly recommend it for fans of the poly-cotton type dogi. I hope you give it a try!

Jason Quero, 03/09/2009
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