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Tokyodo Int. AT-2 Medium Weight Dogi For Kata

This AT-2 is a great dogi. It's my first Tokyodo and I have to thank Hamid for his recommendation. Out of the box it has the classic blueish white color that I love (and I'd like it could last forever). At the first glance it looks like an exact copy of the Shureido New Wave but, looking better it's clear that if it's a copy, well, it's the fair copy. Stitchwork, seams, fabric and cut, they all seems a step forward. Absolutely flawless. The stitching lines are even spaced, regular and beatifully seamed and its overal craftsmanship is the best I've ever experienced in a Japanese dogi. Once washed it tends to go a little stiffer, but not as stiff as I expected and after the first two hours of training I can say that this is the best poly-cotton dogi I've ever worn. It looks very sharp without restrict my movements. It is also very comfortable: not as much as a 100% medium-weight dogi but almost that much. Initially, I was a little disappointed because of the B measurement (shoulders) were 63 cm instead of the 61 cm listed in the size chart for the 4.0 size. Nonetheless I have to say that, in the mirror, it still looks a tailor-made dogi, on my body, even if it's a regular ready-made one, and the ease of movement I'm experimenting with the AT-2 is very very pleasant. This dogi should be the first choice for all karatekas looking for a high-quality super-sharp, comfortable, well-looking and loud snapping dogi, worth for kata performace - yes, no doubt about that - but also for teaching and regular overall training, in my opinion. A dogi with all the pros of a poly-cotton without the cons of a poly-cotton. I think that my Shobu's SBC and Shureido's NW-3 will stay in the drawer everytime that my AT-2 will be clean and ready to be worn.

Riccardo R., 05/30/2018
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