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Tokyodo Int. KENKON Special Lightweight dogi for Kata

I'm very pleased with this Dogi which I have used for app. 30 hours of hard training so far. The material is nothing like anything I've known. It is very soft but it also feels very light and durable at the same time. It has very (very) light blue shade which fades out after a couple of washings. Speaking of washing: The dogi is easy to handle as it doesn't get to stiff when wet and it does dry real quick.

I ordered the Dogi with shortened sleeves and trousers and the guys at tokyodo did a fantastic job. I was worried that the Dogi might be to tight for the average european. But it does offer plenty (!) of room, so there is nothing to worry about. I'm 185 cm and ordered a 190cm version just like I would do with any other Dogi-Brand from Europe.

As soon as my other Dogi have to be replaced, they will be replaced by a tokyodo Dogi.

Matthias J., 04/04/2017
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