Tokaido HAYATE For KUMITE (NST) 疾風

My second one of these so I knew exactly what I was buying. It's perfect for summer training and what the Hayate/NST gives you is great freedom of movement and next to no restriction. The overall material is nice and light but the collar and finish on the Gi is heavier and of a much, much better quality than your average Gi.

The Gi is low maintenance compared to others and keeps its shape after washing. Minimal wrinkles too.

I ordered a size 5.5 and took advantage of Tokaido's trouser length alteration service and shorted the 'H' measurement to 93cm so they sit a fraction above the ankle. Well worth using this. (I'm 5ft 10 and slim build)

Would recommend this Gi for regular training (as it's durable) and/or looking flash while competing. Proper kime still makes the Gi snap, despite it being 'light weight'.

Matthew B., 07/31/2017
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