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I realised that there isn’t much reviews for the Takumi so I’ve decided to put up my 2 cents worth about it. For those who like me am curious on whether or not to purchase the Takumi, Here’s my take.

Firstly, I shall not mention about the size or cut because it’s tailor made, you’ll have to provide your own measurements or seek advise from Hamid. He is extremely helpful and patient with your queries. Read the testimonials and you’ll know.

The texture and comfort. It’s a whole new experience especially when you have been using 100% cotton dogi. I’ve expected the dogi to feel like cardboard since it’s a kata dogi but the feel on your body for the Takumi is different. Yes, it’s stiff. It’s a good stiff, more like crispy stiff but soft at the same time. It’s stiff enough to still look “fantabulous” throughout 3 hrs of hard and sweaty training. In terms of comfort, it’s a 9/10. The MH10 an 8/10. In my opinion, the MH11 will still be given a 10/10. But nevertheless, it’s great for everyday training and teaching.

What amazes me is that it is very light for a kata gi. It’s slightly lighter than the MH11 due to the thinness of the material. Also, the snap is loud. It’ll turn heads when performing kata. The material itself is very snappy. It makes a crackling sound every move you make. I guess all polycotton dogi sounds the same.

Like all Hirota dogi, it will only get softer and more comfortable after long and repeated washings. It conforms to the shape of your body.

Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely.

ryan J., 07/17/2020
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