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This is a great dogi. Out of the box the Pinack fabric was pleasantly light, soft and very good looking. After being washed the gi has manteined the same characteristics (contrary to what often happen with other gis). During an intense training session I have had the opportunity to verify what they say about the Pinack fabric: it is unbelievably light, soft, pleasant on the skin, but someway also "stiff without being stiff". The result is a wonderful sharp-looking dogi. I have experienced no restrictions at all during the whole training session, also when performing very high kicks and jodan/age uke: the Hirota Pinack Slim-Type is like a second skin, letting me the highest ease of movement ever experienced wearing a karategi. Let me say that the Slim-Type cut is simply ideal for a thin person like me. Contrary to the bulky-cutted dogis, that often hide the body shape and movement, this kind of cut follows the body lines and let them visible, to the total benefit of the self-improvement. Stitching work is fine, but not as good as expected from a manufacterer like Hirota, especially looking at the custom altered hems: I think that this is something they could improve. But this is a detail that doesn't affect the functionality, and, all in all, I really feel that this guy will soon become one of my favourite dogi in general and definitely the best dogi I have ever worn for daily training. As usual, the Kuroobiya customer service has been simply fabulous thanks to Hamid The Great. Highly recommended.

Riccardo R., 05/31/2017
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