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Received my PINACK FOR KATA (FULLY TAILORED) last week. So far I have owned Tokaido Ultimates, traditional Hirotas and Shureido tournament dogis. The Pinak Kata is by far the best dogi I've ever owned. The fabric is extremely dense, the stiching exceptional and the comfort of wearing it unsurpassed. The material feels smooth, dries quickly and does not get stiff at all although a medium weight fabric. Hirota did a very good job on the JKS embroidery, almost same quality as the belt embroidery and it is the only company I am aware of that also provides beautifully done JKS labels.

IMHO this is the best dogi available right now on the market. Thanks to Hirota San for supporting the Japan Karate Shoto Renmei.

Gernot Schmied, 03/18/2010
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