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After much thought and with advice from Hamid I ordered a fully tailored Pinack for Kumite dogi. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.
The fit is great, it is so much more comfortable than my old Tokaido kata master - note:
(The Tokaido kata master wasn’t made in Japan, so not to discredit Tokaido at all I’ve ready many good reviews of their Japanese made dogi. That dogi was a step up in quality compared to the previous Cimac dogi I’d used too.)

The Hirota Pinack for Kumite is very light and extremely easy to move in. I often felt a bit restricted when kicking in my old dogi, and I’m not the most flexible as it is! So the Pinack has taken away that restriction making it easier to get the best out of my limited flexibility.
There is still plenty of snap to the dogi, it isn’t so light that it’s all floppy and pyjama like. It hold its shape well for a light dogi.

The embroidery is beautiful. I had the JKA emblem on the chest and my name on the jacket and pants. It has a real look of quality.

Being lighter it irons very easily. I would spend ages over my old dogi trying get get it to look good, but being heavy cotton canvas it would take a long time to achieve. With the Hirota Pinack for Kumite, you could almost get away without ironing it, if you hang it carefully after washing. If you do want to iron it, it only takes a few moments to get it looking good.
I love the blue hue it has out of the wash. A true sign of a Japanese made dogi.
One last thing. I always struggle to keep the trousers tied tight enough on my old dogi and would be constantly retying them in class, after the first couple of training sessions in the Hirota this doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue. The trouser ties are nice and long and the material they’re made of ties easily into a tight bow so I can only assume this it the reason it seems better. The old dogi the ties were quite thick and difficult to get really tight. It doesn’t help I have an ample midriff. Haha.

All in all if you want I light snappy dogi the Pinack for Kumite is a great choice. I opted for extra rows of stitching on the jacket hem, just because I prefer the look of it.

I highly recommend this dogi.

Lee W., 07/04/2020
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