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Tokyodo Int. 100% Cotton COLOR BELTS

This is a solid item. It's a nice stiff belt with several lines of stitching. I believe that it will last for a long time, and it is in my opinion better than many rank belts you will find on the market. It is, however, also quite a bit more expensive than the wholesale prices of many rank belts. For the instructors out there, this is nice for the upper ranks right before black belt. Maybe use Tokyodo rank belts for brown belts that need to last a few years. But for a yellow belt, I would recommend sticking with something less expensive. This belt displays fine quality and craftsmanship, but at a comparatively steep price.

When I buy black belts, price is no object, but I'm a bit more cost conscious when it comes to kyu ranks. If wholesale pricing is available through Kuroobiya, I am not aware of it. That would change my review considerably as the only down side I see to this belt is the price.

Benjamin Couch, 04/29/2010
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