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Tokaido BLC Yohachi Cotton Black Belt

I bought my Tokaido Factory embroidered belt a few years ago(2004).
First off, the belt hasn't frayed one bit, and still is in impecable condition. The stitching hasn't begun to wear , and neither has the color of the belt. I have washed it a few times ,and there has been slight shrinkage.I advise buying a size larger, or so if you plan on regular washes.I really can't think of much else to say, except Buy it , you wouldn't regret it. The Factory embroidery is a bit costly, but worth it.
The obi really does a great job on holding up my gi pants..
This is a great belt for that young shodan, or even a gift for a friend or family member. This truly is something that can last a lifetime.

Dinesh Martin, 11/07/2007
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