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Hirota Belt B-602 Special Silk Black Belt

This belt is an outstanding quality product. The double thick cotton core transmits a sense of indestructibility. When people at Hirota's say "double", folks, they really mean it. The 100% pure silk surface is pretty smooth and just a little bit shiny. If you have in mind the satin-belt slipperiness and glare, well, forget it. This specific pure silk hand-made manufacturing looks and feels a sort of a middleway between cotton and satin even if it looks and feels impressively much more better. I could set the belt knot quite easily from the really first training session and its quite-shine give the karategi a halo of both preciousness and masculine strenght. Silver embroidery is gorgeus and the whole stitching work looks flawless. Not to mention the Kuroobiya customer care. Great communication, incredible helpfulness and availability. Highly recommended. Thank You.

Riccardo Rita, 11/02/2015
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