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Hirota Belt B-403 Special Black Satin Shushi

I have now had my HIROTA BELT B-403 SPECIAL BLACK SATIN SHUSHI belt for a few weeks and am extremely satisfied.
The material, embroidery and quality are top notch.
Since this was my first black belt, I was not really prepared for how stiff it would be and that it would be difficult to tie the knot.
I got the tip from my sensei to moisten the belt over the knot, quite wet, and tighten the knot hard during training. It worked very well, the knot did not open and the belt forms after the knot when it dries. Recommend this to others who have problems with losing their belt during training :)
After a few exercises with a damp knot, you no longer need to continue with it, the belt has taken shape after the knot and does not come loose.
It is currently quite a long wait if you order from Hirota, but it is worth it! Highest quality.
Now I'm waiting for a dogi, Hirota Takumi tailormade, who will show up in about 2 months :)
Highly recommend HIROTA BELT B-403 SPECIAL BLACK SATIN SHUSHI. I chose silver embroidery and it is very beautiful.
Do not forget to choose a slightly longer length compared to a regular cotton belt as it is thicker so it "disappears" a few cm around the waist and the larger knot. My belt was maybe a little shorter on me than I wanted, even though it is as long as my brown cotton belt which has the perfect length.

Tony A., 05/24/2022
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