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Tokaido WKF Approved ZERO-零 Karate Dogi

Model: 「零-ZERO-」

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Dogi Size

Please remember to account for shrinkage!
Please see here for advice.
For mixed size dogi, please purchase jacket and pants as separates.* Some dogi are not available as separates.

Please select Set or separates


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Price per letter: $2.14

Price per letter: $2.14

Adjustment and Tailoring Options

If you need your item tailored or altered, please detail desired length(s) and type of alteration.
Please indicate if your measurements account for shrinkage or not.
When selecting the base dogi size, please note that the manufacturer can only shorten lengths. To increase the length from the base size, you will need to select a larger dogi.
Before entering your alteration lengths, be sure to consult the size chart (see above) for this dogi.
For instructions on how to measure a dogi, please see here.

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Shrinkage Options: (for tailored/adjusted dogi only)