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Tokyodo Int. SP-1000 Professional Gi

This is an amazing dogi. I didn't know what to expect out of the cotton rayon blend but all I can say is it is phenomenal. It is extremely comfortable, even for a heavyweight. It may weigh more than a traditional all cotton #10 gi, but something about the fabric, it feels light and soft. It has good snap. In my experience its not quite as loud as a poly cotton kata gi but is much more comfortable and much less restrictive. It wicks sweat well and stays dry throughout intense sessions.

When I am teaching it is hands down the most comfortable gi I have ever worn. It keeps a sharp appearance all throughout, no creasing whatsoever. I train in it as well and it is just as good. I feel less restricted than I would in a traditional heavyweight. This is s really good gi for just about anything. Personally I can move in it almost as good as a kumite gi, the snap is close to a kata gi.

Also care is extremely easy, it dries pretty fast. For me its been between 6 and 8 hours. It may look wrinkled fresh out of the wash but in a few hours they start to go away. Once fully dry and folded they are gone. It does not get stiff after washing like some gi's do, it stays soft.

All in all I would recommend this dogi to just about anyone, student or sensei alike. It is very comfortable and versatile, it lauders easy and always looks great.

As for Tokyodo International, their quality and workmanship is superb. All stitching was straight and solid, no breaks or unevenness in the lines of thread. Tailoring was spot on and the embroidery is beautiful. Don't let their lower cost steer you away, the quality of the gi and belt I received are much better than my Tokaido.

Byron Rincon, 07/26/2015
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