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Tokyodo Int. AT-3 Heavyweight dogi for KATA

I was a bit concerned about buying online, never having seen this gi in person before but decided to take a chance. I was very pleased with everything about this gi. The fit was exactly as specified. The fabric is quite amazing (this is the first time in 20+ years of training that I have tried wearing a non 100% cotton gi). It washes and dries very quickly and hardly wrinkles (almost looks like its ironed vs. a cotton gi). It is very comfortable for all round use and would look great in competition (though I don't do that much these days). Will definitely consider purchasing same type of gi in the future. Furthermore, shipping was very efficient to Canada. I would suggest that if you machine wash that you use a detergent with an odor masking scent (since polyester will always be a bit more smelly than cotton) and machine dry on "permanent press" (lower temperature) to a "damp dry" level then hang up for complete drying.

Ari G., 02/13/2023
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