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Hirota MH-11(Medium weight Dogi)

The MH-11 is a very good dogi, maybe the best middle-weight one I've ever had. Out of the box, it is wonderfully bluish and it's both sharp and soft. Once you get it washed, obviously, it tends to go a little stiffer, but not as stiffer as any else 100% cotton dogi I've ever experienced. The cut is quite generous but, surprisingly, even if I went for a half-measure above, it looks almost tailor-made on me (and I am a thin person). You may want to know that this dogi has an old-style jacket's hem: just three rows of stitching. This may look weird if you're accustomed to the new era of muscular dogis: "if your hems have less than a billion of rows of stitching, you're a loser". But I think it's a great feature: I love the way it lets my hems stay down and the feeling of freedom it gives me. Honestly, after I have experienced this one, I think that a over-stitched jacket's hem is quite useless. Despite its lightness, this dogi has a good snap and stays sharp even after hours of hard training. If you like middle-weight dogis, I think this is the best one you can get out there in this price range.

Riccardo R., 11/02/2017
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