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Hirota MH-10 (Heavyweight Dogi)

I received the MH-10 dogi this past weekend. I must say that the suggestions that are listed on "choosing a dogi" were most helpful. I ordered one size bigger than I normally would have and the fit of the dogi after washing is perfect. I absolutely love the MH-10. I had my last name embroidered on the jacket and pants to add a personal touch. I also did have the pants length and jacket sleeves tailored as well which made it even more personal. In fact, it fits perfectly!! I can say that the MH-10 does not "feel" as heavy as some other heavy weights that I have purchased such as Arawaza, Tokaido, Shureido, or Yamato....but the snap and comfort of the MH-10 is definitely superior to anything I have worn in the past 29 years of training. I will definitely be purchasing another Hirota dogi in the future and am grateful that I finally made the decision the pay a little extra for a superior quality dogi. I love everything about the MH-10. You can really tell that Hirota takes time and puts extra quality into their work...thanks for your products and customer service relations.....I have not found this anywhere else!!!!

Charles Joseph Burrows, 10/25/2011
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