Hirota MH-11(Medium weight Dogi)

The Hirota MH-11 is the first ‘quality Japanese Do-gi’ that I have purchased. Hirota are now considered to be one of the ‘big’ brands (along with Tokaido and Shureido). Having considered all three manufacturers, after considerable research and discussions with Hamid I decided to plump for the Hirota. And all I can say is that I am delighted. The do-gi far exceeded my expectations

If you’ve only ever owned a ‘standard do-gi’ from one of the major European/American manufacturers, the Japanese makes (well, the Hirota at least!) are a real step up in quality, cut and finish. I use the MH-11 for everyday training and its perfect for that. I would recommend the do-gi to anyone, beginner and experienced Karateka alike. Treat yourself to that expensive do-gi you always wanted and trust me you will not be disappointed.

Barry Ives, 09/01/2009
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