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Hirota MH-11 Medium weight Dogi (READY MADE)

Great dogi from Hirota. Being a Tokaido fan, I wanted a 100% cotton medium sized dogi (that Tokaido no longer has). I was advised by Hamid to buy this model and it didn't disappoint. It's light (around 11oz), but robust, with a nice snap sound to it. I has a blueish hue to it, specially after a train session (this is normal). In terms of sound, it compares to my Tokaido Kata Master (12oz). In terms of lightness it's way lighter, but robust and well built. The jacket strings are a bit shorter than a Tokaido, but do the job nicely. In terms of shrinkage, the trousers were a bit big, almost touching the ground, I washed them in hot water, several times but it simply does not shrink (perhaps after a bit with more washes) - quite impressive for a cotton gi (the Tokaido gis always shrink by at least 5-7%). The custom embroidery was top quality. All in all, a great dogi to be used all year (Winter and Summer), thank you Hamid and Kuroobiya for all the dedicated support.

Davide R., 03/29/2024
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