The Best!

The Best!

I give many thanks to Hamid and his team, as they did not just provide me with a world class dogi, but they also provided me with a fantastic experience. I had absolutely no idea how to order a custom dogi, and found it very difficult finding the correct measurements. However, as soon as Hamid started guiding me, the process became a lot easier and I started to enjoy learning how all the measurements worked. I am now a lot more educated in this area, but I still think that I will need Hamid's helped with the next dogi I order.

The thing I value most about Kuroobiya, is not so much the wide variety of products, but the service. I can't imagine how hard it would have been ordering a dogi from a Japanese speaking manufacturer, or a website that doesn't even bother helping you with the ordering process. The service was also quick and seamless, and my dogi arrived exactly the way I asked it to be.

I will definitely be ordering from Kuroobiya in the future!

Testimonial By: Jes Bromley  — Mosman Park, , Australia
Monday 16 October, 2017