Hirota Belt B-303 Special Black Cotton Yohachi

Model: B-303
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  • Hirota Belt B-303 Special Black Cotton Yohachi

Belt Size

See here for further help.
Please contact us if you require a LARGER size belt.

Size(Hirota Belt)

Belt Layout

  • Label Options

    Please select the label of your association.
    If you do not choose, the manufacturer's own label will be used.


    Label Location

    Belt Embroidery for (A) Customers Name

    Please enter your name, and embroidery preference.
    Please read here for further information.
    Transliteration of your name to katakana will be done for free.
    Customers who require their name in kanji, please contact us for further assistance
    Note: initials cannot be done in Katakana. See here.

    Name Embroidery Language

    Price per letter: ¥210 (Gold: ¥270 Silver: ¥270 )

    Thread Color A

    Belt Embroidery for (B) Style/Assoc. Name

    We have a list of common style and association names in kanji.
    To select your style/assoc., please select kanji as the language or click here.
    Require kanji? If your style/assoc. is not on the list, contact us.
    Do not require kanji? Enter your style/assoc. as you wish it to appear in alphabet.

    Association Embroidery Language

    Style/Association List
    Price per letter: ¥210 (Gold: ¥270 Silver: ¥270 )

    Thread Color B

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