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Yumiko Abassalty

I'm from Japan and married to Hamid. I'm a qualified Japanese language teacher. My jobs will be to deal with the companies on your behalf, supervise the checking of all embroideries; checking of orders; supervise the packing and shipping of your orders and to keep the boys and girls in line. I am the boss and legal owner of Kuroobiya !!!

Hamid Abassalty.
I'm originally from the UK. I am married (to Yumiko) and we have a daughter. I have been practising karate since 1985. I started karate with Kevin Hickey Sensei under Enoeda Keinosuke Sensei (JKA) and the KUGB, and was graded by him to 1st dan in 1989. I then trained with Gordon Farquhar Sensei at the Aberdeen Bushido Karate Club under Asano Shiro Hanshi (SKIF). I was graded by him to 2nd dan. I actively competed in both kata and kumite (SKIF / WUKO / WKF rules) from 1992 -2001 at regional, national and international level. (I still occasionally compete in Japan.)

I then followed my childhood dream to come to Japan in 1997 and have been here ever since. I graded 3rd Dan in 1998 and 4th Dan in 2006 (SKIF) under Kanazawa Hirokazu Kancho in Japan.

I currently teach English and karate six days a week in Japan and my students compete at prefectural, regional and national level (JKF). I also referee at prefectural and Kyushu region competitions.

Having dealt with these manufacturers for a good number of years now, and being in contact with them on a regular basis, (not to mention being a consumer) I have an in depth knowledge of their products. My job will be to deal with all your inquiries and special requests; give you advice and oil the clogs at kuroobiya.

Part time staff

wish to remain anonymous.