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Hirota Belt B-503 Special Black Cotton Yohachi

I have just received my new belt from you and I wanted to extend my thanks.

When I got my Shodan I was determined to have a belt I could be proud of and one that would last. I bought your Hirota 45mm silk belt and I have loved it ever since. So much so that I have advised all new Shodans to come to you rather than try to get an inferior one (and more often than not more expensive) here in the UK.

I was, however, always intrigued by your Special Black Cotton Yohachi as it is Japan's most popular belt, and in the end curiosity won out and I had to order it.

I have the belt in front of me and I couldn't be more pleased. I love it already and can't wait to train this evening with it on. It's beautiful. Stitching is perfect as is the embroidery. The embroidery is slightly more evenly spaced now but I like both ways. The fact that my silk was done by hand is still a source of pride but I also like the evenness of the 'machine' stitched Yohachi.
They are without question the most beautifully made belts I have ever seen and I will continue to promote them and your company at every opportunity.

Very many thanks, Domo arigato gozaimasu,

Martin D., 06/13/2017
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