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Since 1956, Tokaido has been supplying karate practitioners in Japan and all over the world with the finest uniforms, belts and other karate products. Tokaido had become the world-wide standard to which other uniforms and belts are compared. If you have done Karate for any length of time then you are no doubt familiar with the so called "Rolls Royce" of Karate Gi.

At Kuroobiya you can get the full range of Japanese made Tokaido dogi (we do not sell The Pakistani  or Chinese  products made under licence for Tokaido)

Since undergoing a management change, Tokaido have re-named some of their popular dogi and introduced some new ones, keeping up with the demands of modern karateka and karate competitors. For ease of identification of the original dogi we have included their codes in brackets.

Please note: Tokaido sizes have changed as of July 2013.  Tokaido dogi no longer increase in width going up half a size. They now only increase in length.

Item Name Product Image Price

Tokaido IZUMO (KTW) 出雲

An economical dogi made of reasonable grade Japanese No.11 cotton canvas for beginners. The most...
Tokaido IZUMO (KTW) 出雲 $100.46

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Tokaido SHIKON (TAW) 士魂

 Medium Weight 100% Cotton Dogi (Samurai Spirit) Ideal for Daily Training The SHIKON (formerly...
Tokaido SHIKON (TAW) 士魂 $140.56

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Tokaido YAKUDO (TSA) 躍動

Heavyweight 100% cotton Karate Dogi (Lively Motion) Tokaido's Original "Ultimate" Dogi ...
Tokaido YAKUDO (TSA) 躍動 $150.65

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Tokaido HAYATE For KUMITE (NST) 疾風

Polycotton Super-Lightweight Karate Dogi (Hurricaine) Fight with Confidence The HAYATE (Formerly...
Tokaido HAYATE For KUMITE (NST) 疾風 $128.61

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Tokaido OTOWA For KATA (SSA) 音羽

Poly-cotton Heavyweight Karate DogiPerform Kata Effortlessly! The OTOWA is a unique uniform made...
Tokaido OTOWA For KATA (SSA) 音羽 $146.67

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Tokaido HIRYUU Kata Dogi(HRU) 飛竜

 NEW Poly Cotton Kata Dogi飛龍 HIRYUU   Tailored for the ultimate kata, every kata!   By...
Tokaido HIRYUU Kata Dogi(HRU) 飛竜 $160.74

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Tokaido SOURYUU Kumite Dogi (SYU) 蒼龍

 NEW Polycotton Kumite Karate Dogi  蒼龍(Blue Dragon) Kumite Master Following the advice...
Tokaido SOURYUU Kumite Dogi (SYU) 蒼龍 $146.67

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Tokaido KONGO (SAB) 金剛

Black Heavyweight 100% Cotton Karate Dogi  (Indestructible)The KONGO is TOKAIDO’s  black...
Tokaido KONGO (SAB) 金剛 $158.70

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Tokaido ONSOKU for Kumite (KMJ) 音速

NEW!100% Polyester Karate Dogi (音速 Speed of Sound) The Kumite Master Dogi (Japanese...
Tokaido ONSOKU for Kumite (KMJ) 音速 $203.70

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