Tokyodo Int. HERO Super lightweight Gi (For Kumite)

I wanted to try Tokyodo as they are an up-and-coming company here in Japan. I've dealt with them before and found their products to be very good quality along with their customer service and commitment.
I usually buy Hirota Pinac tailor made, so I wanted something similar.
The Tokyodo HERO is perfect for my requirements. Living in Japan, the summers are very hot, so I wanted a dogi that is light, but also good quality and strong.
I'm extremely satisfied with my new HERO and I'd recommend it as a very good, but slightly lighter alternative to the Hirota Pinac.
(Slightly cheaper too!). Also, with the expert advice of Hamid, I was able to just buy a stock dogi and simply have the arms and legs adjusted, again, saving me unnecessary expense. It's the best fitting dogi I've ever bought. The TOKYODO HERO will be my dogi of choice in the future.

Jeremy Groome, 03/07/2014
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